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Wilderness in a Bottle


Beekeepers and fermenters, we bring to your table the essence of Santa Barbara's chaparral wildlands.  After making raw honey for 10 years in California's coastal mountains, we traveled the old country to learn the ancient art of making honey wine, mead.  From Southern France we brought back methods to turn our precious honey the into a fine honey wine.  From unknown ancient origins, we unearthed the Jun SCOBY to brew our raw honey into gut healthy probiotic teas.

The nectar is the earth.  The intoxication is heaven.  



Dylan Wylde / beekeeper, brewer, fermenter
Sydney Wylde / artist, brewer, fermenter


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From Honey to Mead and Jun

Our bees range and forage the wild mountains of Santa Barbara County.  They collect rare drops of nectar from our native sages, buckwheats, sumacs and toyon.  Each unpredictable season, each pristine canyon, each unique and individual blossom lends its character to our fine hydromel(mead), and our Jun.  We ferment our raw, unfiltered, artisinal honey in local spring water.  We keep our preparation simple, to express the wilderness within.

                                            -Dylan and Sydney Wylde, beekeepers, fermenters, artists


Santa Barbara News Press - “ALL THE BUZZ” July 26 2018 Front Page

Santa Barbara News Press - “ALL THE BUZZ” July 26 2018 Front Page

Santa Barbara News Press, July 26 2018

Santa Barbara News Press, July 26 2018

Included in The Lark’s cookbook, “Around the Table”

Included in The Lark’s cookbook, “Around the Table”

In The Lark’s cookbook, “Around the Table,” our Bochet paired with a beautiful dessert.

In The Lark’s cookbook, “Around the Table,” our Bochet paired with a beautiful dessert.

Serving and pairings


Serve chilled.

We brought this simple method back from our visits to Southern France’s hydromeleries.  Our own award winning raw honey is fermented dry in our mountain spring water and aged for a year in french oak barrels.  The simplicity of the preparation preserves aromas and flavors of the multitudinous nectars the bees collected along our coastal slopes.

Our hydromel’s bouquet is a literal bouquet of wildflowers.  An array of sages, buckwheats, sumacs, yerba santas and toyon decorate this fine honey wine the way they do our wild coastal mountains.  To drink this hydromel is to experience the sandstone precipices over which black button sage bushes hang, noon lit arroyos crawling with white buckwheat flowers and wind blown mountain passes grey with yerba santa.  

We made our present offering with honey from 2014, a year marked by drought and a single heavy late February storm.  The low rainfall instigated a “stress bloom”, a sort of floral grand finale in which the desiccated plants bloom abundantly, a last ditch effort to drop seeds before dying.  Then a freak late rain provided the moisture fill those dry flowers with nectar.  

Enjoy this honey wine at the beach, on a mountain, in the back yard or at the table.  Drink it on it’s own in a wine glass, or try adding a leaf or fresh lemon verbena.  It pairs nicely with a picnic of interesting cheeses, baskets of berries and cold meats.  It integrates amazingly muscles or poached salmon, enlivens a simple arugula salad and adds a new dimension to squash soup or gazpacho.



Serve chilled.

This was made with the same 2014 honey as above, but prepared according to the 14th century french method of caramelizing the honey before fermentation.  

Enjoy a glass out in the yard while dinner is cooking, or after dinner with a slice of rich chocolate cake, creme brûlée or pie.  Though it’s nutty honey flavors often draw comparisons with madeira and sherry, don’t make the mistake of labeling bochet a desert wine.  It goes great on its own by the glass, and pairs fantastically with a juicy rack of lamb, glazed brussels sprouts or good cheese. 



Serve chilled.  

Fermented in small batches with the simplest an best ingredients, our local raw unfiltered wildflower honey and organic jasmine green tea.  Our jun is fermented in glass, bottle conditioned and naturally sparkling.  We care for our live jun cultures with the same love with which we tend our bees and the wildlands they forage.


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Our bees

Our apiaries are in tucked away in some of the most beautiful coastal locations in California.  We have been keeping bees naturally for the past ten years, always keeping them in areas that keep them healthy.  



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